yeyes@ 12:23pm 11-24-2022
i hardly find myself revisiting pages just to apreciate them, but this is definatelly one of them! i love your work and would love to chat and get to know the brains behind these perfectly caught moments! :) kind regards
Kevin@ 12:10pm 06-01-2022
Hey there, just wanted to say I'm in love with your work! Some of these images had me literally go "WTF" at how perfectly composed they are. Thanks for sharing, you truly inspired me to get our there and give street photography a try!
Hypnoswan@ 5:33pm 05-26-2022
Love the dynamic feeling in your images Peter, and your humour.

have you tried with an iPhone yet? Just wondering if you find it as responsive as your camera
Eric Garsonnin@ 5:00pm 04-12-2022
Hello Peter, love your work that catches visual puns and games with feeling for life.
INEZ HUERTA@ 3:09am 03-09-2022
Hello. You were mentioned in my son's podcast by one of his guest (Don Stevie). Your Pictures are alive and are enjoyable. Full of Color and appealing to the eye. God Bless.
Cody Gipson@ 5:37am 11-28-2021
Was linked to your work from a lighting course at the visual arts department of my local community college. So happy I landed here. I enjoy the tension you create in your work.
Christopher Simmonds@ 9:21am 11-03-2021
Your photography is a delight. Full of humour, quirky and interesting, what a discovery you are. Thanks and carry on delighting us.
ferrandon@ 4:47pm 02-12-2020
You bright my day thank you for your photos
Sascha Kreuzberger@ 10:59pm 05-30-2019
a highly gifted talent. Thanks for sharing!
Lazaros Orfanidis@ 1:38am 05-12-2019
Amazing work. enjoyed it
JESSE GODLEWSKI@ 5:29am 05-28-2018
Just discovered your work. I will follow....
malcolm@ 8:48pm 02-20-2018
Just discovered you. Glad I did, very inspiring work. One of my favorites on Instagram.
les parkinson@ 7:33am 02-04-2018
Truly excellent work! Fantastic Colour and Content.
albert@ 2:33pm 09-29-2017
Cest comme du Parr en souvent plus subtil
the_fugitive_moment@ 6:30pm 07-13-2017
Never have I seen such amazing collection of humourous photographs by a single photographer...

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