Cody Gipson@ 5:37am 11-28-2021
Was linked to your work from a lighting course at the visual arts department of my local community college. So happy I landed here. I enjoy the tension you create in your work.
Christopher Simmonds@ 9:21am 11-03-2021
Your photography is a delight. Full of humour, quirky and interesting, what a discovery you are. Thanks and carry on delighting us.
ferrandon@ 4:47pm 02-12-2020
You bright my day thank you for your photos
Sascha Kreuzberger@ 10:59pm 05-30-2019
a highly gifted talent. Thanks for sharing!
Lazaros Orfanidis@ 1:38am 05-12-2019
Amazing work. enjoyed it
JESSE GODLEWSKI@ 5:29am 05-28-2018
Just discovered your work. I will follow....
malcolm@ 8:48pm 02-20-2018
Just discovered you. Glad I did, very inspiring work. One of my favorites on Instagram.
les parkinson@ 7:33am 02-04-2018
Truly excellent work! Fantastic Colour and Content.
albert@ 2:33pm 09-29-2017
Cest comme du Parr en souvent plus subtil
the_fugitive_moment@ 6:30pm 07-13-2017
Never have I seen such amazing collection of humourous photographs by a single photographer...
Bruno Schlumberger@ 12:28am 03-13-2017
Nice work!
Chinmay Sahu@ 9:45am 02-01-2017
Amazing work. enjoyed it
Luisa Vazquez@ 10:35pm 01-30-2017
Your sense of humour is simply wonderful, it reminds me of Magritte.
Hakim Boulouiz@ 1:18pm 01-10-2017
Your street photography is great and very inspiring !
I wish you the best .
Alberto@ 6:34am 10-16-2016
Just discovered your work. I will follow! More congrats!

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