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Erik & Ria@ 7:42pm 03-26-2013
Schone foto's Peter. Je hebt een hele goede oog voor bijzondere dingen.
Groetjes van ons.
Esther@ 7:43pm 03-13-2013
Wat een mooie foto's Peter !
Wat ben je toch een artiest
Brian Day@ 9:51am 12-31-2012
It's a pleasure to learn from your incredible work, Mr. Cool
Marek @ 9:42pm 06-23-2012
very interesting photos Peter. But the best is the one the main page. Regards from Scotland
Rob Whittaker@ 8:32pm 05-22-2012
Really great work Peter. Many are simply classic images.
Gerard (gmolanus)@ 10:28am 04-30-2012
amazing street images collection.
Dave Mason@ 5:14pm 02-07-2012
So many wonderful images, fantastic work
Nenad Boric@ 5:50pm 10-24-2011
Beautiful photo collection. A lot of human touch.
Mad Jeff@ 8:48pm 10-23-2011
You have a great eye Peter...Really beautiful and inspiring images...Great work...
wishphoto@ 10:26pm 05-30-2011
Great photos and website Peter
Luc Castermans@ 3:03pm 05-17-2011
Mooi werk Peter. Ik ben grote fan van je portretten.

Joel Jefferies@ 8:52pm 04-25-2011
Great work Peter
I personally find your photography very inspiring, looking at your work always makes me want to get out and shoot more...
Cheers Joel.
Agachi1@ 10:11am 04-21-2011
You have some excellent pieces of work here. Well done!
Nick Whittaker@ 9:26pm 11-27-2010
Great work I love it!!
Cellie@ 11:01am 11-06-2010
Vet gaaf deze site,van mijn grote broer.


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