Roger Dezem@ 11:24am 10-21-2013
Peter, your photo works are amazing! One of the best Photos that I ever seen (first) on Flickr and just right now in your web page. Superb! All the best! OldRoger
Roza Vulf@ 11:47am 10-05-2013
Peter, my big respect to your amazing photography... I love what you do! Your earlier B&W photographs are fantastic with enormous human touch in them and what you do now is absolutely great.
I also liked a lot your interview with Eric Kim. It helped to get bigger impression about your personality and your work.
I try to learn from you and follow your work with a huge interest :)
Aaron Aardvark@ 4:07pm 09-05-2013
I hope I'm as good as you when I'm your age.

Happy snapping.

Peter Kool@ 9:25am 06-21-2013
It s actually very important for me Cesare.
I don't use actors; the so-called staging is not my kind of photography.
Cesare Nicola@ 10:47pm 06-20-2013
You are great! Many of your picture makes me think it's not real,it cannot be real, for sure he has composed the scene and teached the actors but... it's really not important, they are great pictures and it's enough!
Erik & Ria@ 7:42pm 03-26-2013
Schone foto's Peter. Je hebt een hele goede oog voor bijzondere dingen.
Groetjes van ons.
Esther@ 7:43pm 03-13-2013
Wat een mooie foto's Peter !
Wat ben je toch een artiest
Brian Day@ 9:51am 12-31-2012
It's a pleasure to learn from your incredible work, Mr. Cool
Marek @ 9:42pm 06-23-2012
very interesting photos Peter. But the best is the one the main page. Regards from Scotland
Rob Whittaker@ 8:32pm 05-22-2012
Really great work Peter. Many are simply classic images.
Gerard (gmolanus)@ 10:28am 04-30-2012
amazing street images collection.
Dave Mason@ 5:14pm 02-07-2012
So many wonderful images, fantastic work
Nenad Boric@ 5:50pm 10-24-2011
Beautiful photo collection. A lot of human touch.
Mad Jeff@ 8:48pm 10-23-2011
You have a great eye Peter...Really beautiful and inspiring images...Great work...
wishphoto@ 10:26pm 05-30-2011
Great photos and website Peter

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